4 Cinematic Masterpieces Reviewed in Utter Gibberish Because It’s April Fools’ Day

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4. Hubber Tube Stamp

Pulp Fiction

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Final:   4 Stars

3. Mr. Poopoop’s Poop

Citizen Kane

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Poopler:   5 Stars

2. Tick Tock Faggot

Clockwork Orange

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Tick Tock Faggot rest bludgeon markee whimper champ hit. June furries hit porch sex, but no turbo quick heartache.

Tits:   3 Stars

1. Fff Ffffffffffffffff f f

The Godfather

Ffffffffffffffffffffffffff. Ffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffff fff f  ffffffffff fffffffffff fff fffff ffffff ffff fffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffff fff f f f f ffff f f f f f f f f f f f fffffffffffff ffffff
fffffffffffffff ffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffff. Ffffffff fffffff ffffffff fff ffff fffffffff ffffffff ffffffff, fffffffffff fffff fffff ffffff fffffffff fffffff; ffffffff fffff ff f ff ffffff ffffff ffff f. Ffff ffffff ffff ffffff fffffffffffff ffffff ffffff fffff fff fff f f f fff fffff ffff f fff f f f  f f fffffff ff f ffffff f  f ff fffffff.

Fffff fffff fffff fff, “Ffffffff ffff fffff ffffff. Fffffffff ffff ffff ffffffff ffffff fffffffff ffffff fffffff ffff.”

Ffffffffff fffff fffff, ffff. Ffffff fffff ffffff ffff fff ff f ffffff fff ffffff fffffffffffff ffffff.

Fff Ffffffffffffffff f f ffffffffffffffffffffffffffffff F ffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffff fffffffffffffff? Ffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffff fffffffffffffffffffff ffffffffffffffffffffffffffff. Fffffffffffffffffffffffff ffffffffffffffffff ffffffffffffffffff fffffffffffffffffffffffffff ffffffffffffffffffffff!

Fffffff fffffffff:   1 Star

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