Discount Naughty Coupons for Couples

So you missed Valentine’s Day. You’re in the doghouse and the dog is sleeping on the couch. Your significant other doesn’t want to talk to you without a lawyer present. We get it! Luckily, it’s not too late to salvage the situation.

Okay ... Maybe Naughty Coupons

via keliblack on Pixabay

The Okay … Maybe Book of Naughty Coupons for Couples gives you the opportunity to inject some spontaneity and passion back into your floundering love life. This little book comes packed with dozens of sultry, occasionally illegal ideas for erotic moments in the bedroom and beyond. Show your lover how original and daring you are by giving him/her a sex coupon from a bargain shelf novelty book!

Note: when sparks start flying we are not responsible if your apartment burns down.

Naughty Coupon Dirt Face

via Mark_Mook_Fotografie at Pixabay

Naughty coupon scalp licking

via alehidalgo at Pixabay

Naughty coupon older man

via fsHH at Pixabay

Naughty coupon sweating

via dannymoore1973 at Pixabay

Naughty coupon wave runner

via madzArt at Pixabay

Naughty coupon noodle

via piepie at Pixabay

Naughty coupon think about what you did

via bycfotografem at Pixabay

Naughty coupon fuck off kayak

via thatsphotography at Pixabay

Naughty coupon fiscal merger

via blockchain at Pixabay

Naughty coupon play doctor

via holodosi and skeeze at Pixabay

Buy the book here!

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