What is The Double Thumb?

The Double Thumb is a publication featuring long-form reviews, serialized columns, and cultural commentary curated by a group of talented yet largely unstable writers.

Our name and logo is taken from the symbol for gonzo journalism, a movement which often runs counter to traditional journalism because of its focus on subjectivity rather than objectivity. This distinction allows our writers the freedom to explore their areas of passion and expertise without the burden of word count limitations, pageview goals, or moral culpability. Our writers make it their mission to uncover what they see as the heart of an issue and present it to the readers, still beating and squirting blood.

As such dissections can often take some time, we have organized their collected musings and stories in our Sagas section. Here articles can be read sequentially, as they often make more sense in context.

These sagas are constantly updating, growing and changing as writers cycle through, sharing their unique viewpoints and experiences.


If you would like to contact The Double Thumb staff to personally fill their lives with joyous compliments and/or rage and bile, please fill out the following form or check out our Facebook page here.


Okay, so what is The Double Thumb actually?

The Double Thumb is a fiction and satire blog written by Boone Ashworth using several different pseudonyms. Every other author and character presented here is fictitious and not intended to bear any resemblance to any actual person, whether alive, dead, or somehow both (existing in a sort of future-perfect participle form of existence). The only exception to this is that occasionally celebrities and other public figures are mentioned. However, these are actually references to individuals with the exact same names, visages, and statuses, except that they inhabit a parallel universe very similar to our own (the single difference between the two dimensions is that there beets are called “teebs”). Nevertheless, these are entirely different people. Since these outlanders are incapable of crossing the barrier between worlds in order to sue for character defamation, I feel fully justified in using their names and likenesses as I see fit.

Thanks for reading.


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