A Review of Interstellar Based Only on Google Image Searches

Brandon McLaughlinDirector Christopher Nolan’s long-anticipated space masterpiece is finally here, but if you think I’m going to pay nineteen dollars to see a thirty foot tall Matthew McConaughey cry in IMAX then you’ve got another thing coming. Besides, I’m a busy guy and I don’t have three hours to kill. Luckily, with the internet and its glorious time-saving potential, I don’t even have to watch a movie to review it!

Unfortunately, Interstellar is rife with dramatic special effects, which means that I’m going to have to find a way to see them in order to get a true grasp of the movie. Clearly, my standard practice of critiquing movies based on just their Wikipedia plot summaries is not going to suffice here. No, I’m going to have to absorb this visually extravagant sci-fi epic the way it was meant to be seen: through Google image search results.

Interstellar Google search results

Right off the bat I have to say I’m hooked. This movie is visually diverse, with a dazzling arrangement of black space bubbles, psychedelic Saturns, and just the right amount of white people staring into the distance with their mouths slightly open. Even the movie poster alone holds intrigue, like a dark and gritty homage 80’s ski movies:

Gritty Ski Movie

Both equally erotic.

These Google images of Interstellar are a real treat. Finally, we seem to have a movie from a visionary director which is as much thought provoking as it is emotional as it is a feast for the eyes. At least at first glance.

While the film holds together fairly well overall, it is the story that ultimately suffers from Nolan’s grandiose design. There are several narrative moments that feel rather out of place, like when Anne Hathaway’s character suddenly decides to take a bath for no reason.

Catwomen hate water

I thought catwomen hated water.

I mean, HELLO, aren’t you in the middle of trying to save the entire human race? I think the water park can wait.

And really, the more images I scrolled through the more some of the character’s motivations in this film seemed to go just completely bonkers. Okay Interstellar, so you’re telling me that corn is the only thing they have left to eat in the future, and Julianne Moore is just going to come along and burn it all?

The corn!

Why? What does she gain from that? Christopher Nolan really seems to have lost his touch for creating still images of complex characters.

The further you examine it, the more it becomes clear that Interstellar is simply not the visual feast it proclaims to be. Despite all these pictures of the its epic special effects, the movie left me rather unfulfilled. I got no sense whatsoever of any resolution to the story. Nolan loves to give his movies big twists, but Interstellar’s doesn’t really make any sense. Did Matthew McCanaughey fix Earth or what? Was space all in his head? Was this…

Look at his kids

…just a dying hallucination that caused him to relive the happy memories of his children from years past?

As usual, out-of-context pictures from Christopher Nolan movies are as indecipherable as ever.


Overall, I give Interstellar a B-. Like previous Christopher Nolan movies, the first few images you scroll through are breathtaking, but once you get a few pages of results in and really stop to think about what is going on, the plot just falls apart.

Unfortunately, as much as I wanted to love it, Interstellar fails to capture the same excitement and emotional depth as screenshots from Nolan’s previous films.

Black hole

Pictured: Not Batman

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