MOOO – The Killer Cow Simulator You’ve Been Waiting For

The videogame industry is often looked down upon by mainstream pundits as being childish and lacking artistic vision. Then, from time to time, there comes a game that extravagantly challenges that notion. With its richly detailed world, heartbreaking narrative, and incisive ruminations on the symbiotic existence of man and nature, MOOO is such a game.

Moo videogame

Moo videogame

Buy it here.

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9 Comments on MOOO – The Killer Cow Simulator You’ve Been Waiting For

  1. Killer cow mooo // December 2, 2016 at 7:41 pm // Reply

    Hi I’m going to make a YouTube chanle and was wondering if I can use your MOOO pic with the cow under with the red eyes for my YouTube pic please


  2. Looks positively divine!

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    • It’s a pretty sweet game. It’s a early access cover-based third-person action RPG with roguelike twitch elements and a mature, epic narrative that responds to dozens of moral choices. You can stab farmers with their own pitchforks.

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  3. Clever and you picked one of my fave charities too. I’m deeply mooved.

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  4. The best and frankest EULA I’ve read for a while…
    I Agree.

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