Hi, my name is Boone. That isn’t really important. I’m just here to explain what this blog is.

For quite some time I’ve been a regular reader of The Double Thumb Review, the nationally renowned critical publication. It features multiple book, movie, and product critics opining about the latest pop culture fads and fancy gizmos. That in itself is not altogether remarkable.

However, after a while of reading, I began to notice patterns developing within the articles. Certain names crop up in various places. Certain organizations start to grow more and more hostile. Some of the situations the writers get themselves into when reviewing something come back to haunt them later. Often times there is behind-the-scenes tension building between writers that can explode to the surface in the midst of, say, an opinion piece about the latest teen fantasy novel.

Beneath all the consumer commentary and literary criticism, there are stories unfolding here.

These reviewers operate almost like journalists, exploring the bizarre circumstances that surround a product more so than the actual product itself. This invariably leads to trouble, and the more I read the more I become concerned that some of these people are not going to live very much longer.

I started this website to collect the pertinent reviews and link them together in some kind of narrative. We’ll see where it goes from here, but things are certainly going to be interesting.

How Find Stuff


The sagas (as I call them) are grouped on the Sagas page. These are the main articles that have clear links between them. The stories, if you will. They can be published some time apart, so listing the connected ones like this is the easiest way to keep track of things. Most recent articles are at the top.


Alternatively, if you want to follow an individual writer without dealing with all that other crap, you can go to their respective pages here.


I’ll also post update information as well as thoughts and discussions here. This is where all of my general musings and posts apologizing for not updating the site will go.

So where’s the best place to start?

Wherever you want, really. Read the latest or dive into the archives. If you’d like an explosive jumping off point, here’s where things start to get exciting.

Well, that’s about it. Contact me here with any questions, discouraging comments, or nude pictures you might have. Thanks for reading!


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