Choose Your Own Life, page 77


“Right you are sweetie,” Felicity says, her arm snaking around yours. “Let’s get going.”

“You kids stay out of trouble now!” Mr. Morris says, giving you a small wink.

“Don’t worry Daddy,” Felicity says. “We’ll be good!”

As you walk with Felicity into the elevator you can’t help but notice her barely-clad hips swaying back and forth as she moves. She looks at you and catches your gaze a moment before you can pull it away. She makes a small tsk sound, but smiles at you. You get into the elevator and the door shuts, her arm still around you.

You ride in silence for a moment, enjoying her touch.

She looks you up and down. “You know, you are quite handsome,” she says.

“Thank you,” you say. “You are exquisitely beautiful yourself.”

Your eyes meet, her green orbs fanned by luscious lashes. Maybe it’s just you, but it seems like it is getting hotter in the elevator. Her tongue runs across her lips.

“Perhaps this is too forward,” she says, drawing closer to you. “But have you ever made love in an elevator?”

“Twice,” you say. “But I never grow tired of it.”

“Me neither,” she says.

She presses herself into you, your bodies touching now. You can feel her heartbeat. Smell her breast waft. You lean in, your lips meeting hers. She presses the emergency stop button.


Yeah! You got laid! Turn to page 14.


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