Choose Your Own Life, page 428


A hundred and sixty-five million dollars! You shake your head as you look at the winning lottery ticket in your hands. And it’s all yours! Wow! What a day this is going to be indeed!

You put your car in drive and head on down the road, friendly neighbors cheering you on the whole way. You’ll never move out of this neighborhood, you tell yourself. You couldn’t possibly leave all these great people behind!  You’ve heard stories about how lottery winners have let their winnings ruin their lives. But you are not going to let the money change you. Never have finances come between you and those who matter, so why should they now? In fact, the first thing you’re going to do with your money is buy every one of the swell folks on your block a brand new sports car! And you won’t feel resentful about it at all!

As you make your way down the road, obeying all the traffic laws, you think about how much you really enjoy driving around your beautiful neighborhood. In fact, you wouldn’t mind driving around for a bit before heading over to get your winnings. Money isn’t everything, right?


Go collect your lottery money right now! Turn to page 90.

The money can wait! Drive around for a bit first. Turn to page 325.


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