Choose Your Own Life, page 298


“All right then!” Randy says, flashing you an easygoing smile. “Let’s get going.”

His hard, strong hand grabs yours and you head to the elevator.

“You kids stay out of trouble now!” Mr. Morris says, giving you a small wink.

“Oh don’t worry Dad,” Randy says. “We’ll be perfectly fine!”

As you walk with Randy into the elevator you can’t help but notice his muscles spilling out of his tightly fitting shirt. He looks over at you, catching your gaze on his a pecs a moment before you can pull it away. He makes a small tsk sound, but then laughs comfortingly. You get into the elevator and the door shuts, your hand still clasped in his.

You ride in silence for a moment, enjoying his touch.

He looks over at you, that charming smile of his never leaving his face. “You are exquisitely beautiful, you know,” he says.

You blush, and then say, “Thank you. And you’re quite handsome yourself.”

Your eyes meet, his strong gray eyes fitting well into his rugged features. Maybe it’s just you, but it seems to be getting hotter in the elevator. He runs a hand through your hair.

“Perhaps this is too forward,” he says, drawing you closer. “But have you ever made love in an elevator?”

“Twice,” you say. “But I never grow tired of it.”

He puts a finger to your lips. “Neither do I,” he whispers.

He pulls you against him, your bodies touching now. You can feel his heartbeat through all of that hardened man-flesh. He leans in, his lips meeting yours. He presses the emergency stop button.


How romantic! Turn to page 14.


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