Choose Your Own Life, page 105


You find yourself speeding a little more than you normally would on your daily commute, but you are just so excited to get to work! You have been putting in hard work and long hours for quite some time now, and today is the day you finally get recognized for that. At long last, you are getting promoted!

You pull into the employee parking lot (soon to have a special spot with your name on it). You walk away from your car, toward the tall building before you. You push the button on your remote to lock your car. “Bye!” it seems to say. “Good luck!”

“Thanks car!” you shout as you head into the building. You take the elevator all the way up to the twenty-third floor. Mr. Morris’ office! You breathe slowly to calm your jitters. Then, the elevator door opens and you are there.

Mr. Morris’ secretary smiles at you as you walk in. “Go on in, he’s expecting you,” she says. “Oh, and congratulations!”

You thank her and step up to the door to Mr. Morris’ office. You straighten your tie and/or blouse and then push open the door.

“There you are!” comes Mr. Morris’ booming voice as soon as you step into his office. He sits at his big mahogany desk, a person on either side of him. He rises and walks over to you, clasping your hand in both of his.

“This is a big day!” he continues. “Not just for you, you know! All of senior management just can’t wait to have you join our ranks! This is really exciting! Are you excited?”

“Of course!” you say.

“Good man and/or woman!” he says. “After all, it’s not every day you become Head of Synergy!”

You glance over at the man and woman standing behind his desk. They look to be in their mid-twenties. Mr. Morris slaps his forehead. “Where are my manners!” he says, walking behind his desk and standing between them.

“Have you met my buxom daughter?” he asks, gesturing to the beautiful woman to his left.

“Hi there!” she says, buxomly. “I’m Felicity.”

“And this is my chiseled son,” Mr. Morris says, pointing to the handsome young man on his right.

“Pleased to meet you,” he says, abs squeaking as he moves. “I’m Randy.”

“Charmed to meet you both,” you say.

Mr. Morris claps you on the back. “Gorgeous, just gorgeous aren’t they?”

You nod your head in agreement, your eye drawn to one of them in particular.

“Now kids, one of you take our new senior manager here up to conference room B. We’ve got a lot to get started!” Mr. Morris looks at you. “Which one would you like to show you up?”

You look at your boss’s beautiful children. Felicity with her breasty curves, and Randy with his bulging muscles.

“Hmm,” you say. “I’ll take…”


…Felicity! Turn to page 77.

…Randy! Turn to page 298.


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